Radar Expert with Extensive Product Portfolio

For over 15 years, Sino-Inst has focused on developing top-quality non-contact level gauging instruments based on 80GHz FMCW radar technology.

80GHz Series Radar Level Transmitters

The flagship product line utilizes advanced radar principles to achieve long measurement ranges up to 150m with high accuracy of ±1mm. Models support applications in liquids, solids, interfaces and high temperatures exceeding 280°C.

Complementary Level Instrument Portfolio

In addition to radar level meters, the comprehensive portfolio also includes guided wave radar, hydrostatic pressure, ultrasonic, capacitive and float type level switches/transmitters suited for various process requirements.

Customized Solutions for Harsh Environments

engineers work closely with customers to develop level gauges tailored to specific plant needs involving high pressure, temperature, dust or explosion hazards.

Field Commissioning and After-sales Support

Well-trained technicans provide on-site instrument installation, calibration, operational training and long-term maintenance services via a global network of technical centers.

System Integration Expertise for Advanced Applications

Project engineers leverage deep process industry know-how to configure level measurement systems integrated with PLCs/DCS for advanced applications like automated tank inventory monitoring.

Dedicated to Delivering the Highest Measurement Value

With a customer-centric focus,

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