PV Ribbon China

Rectangular copper wire



Dimension: Length 3 meter *width 14 m*Height 4mm; (the total length is for reference, and is defined according to customer configuration requirements)

Required gas source: 0.4-0.6MPaRequired power supply: 380V/50Hz

PV Ribbon Machine with Tin Coating Lines

Solar Photovoltaic Ribbon Intelligent All-in-one Machine



Dimension: Length 3 meter *width 14 m*Height 4mm; (the total length is for reference, and is defined according to customer configuration requirements)

Required gas source: 0.4-0.6MPa

Required power supply: 380V/50Hz

It can produce PV round wire, flat wire and segmented round wire, precision take-up, automatic disk change function, and automatic loading and unloading I-shaped disk can be installed first.

1. Pay-off Unit: The pay-off frame is precision-machined, using high-precision thrust structure bearings, the pay-off does not shake, the operation is stable, and there is no noise. Constant tension control, compatible with 400-500 discs,

2. Annealing Unit: the upper and lower annealing rolls are made of red copper, driven independently, PLC sends speed signals to the motor, and the swing rod adjusts the speed difference of the motor. Compared with the traditional control of the motor by potentiometer signal, the swing rod shakes lighter and is suitable for small wire diameters. The welding strip ensures that during the annealing process, the copper wire after annealing is not adjusted by the swing rod to lift the annealed copper wire; better ensure the quality consistency of the welding strip.

3. Tin-coated Unit: the angle of each section of the air duct can be adjusted, and the cooling and blowing can be adjusted at multiple angles to achieve a better cooling effect. The tin furnace is miniaturized by 120 kg/line to reduce the tin at the bottom of the furnace (the larger the tin furnace, the greater the power consumption, the larger the area of the tin furnace, the larger the heat dissipation area, the more tin oxide, and it is easy to cause the alloy tin in the tin furnace to delaminate, lead than tin), the tin furnace adopts a built-in heating tube to reduce the contact between the heating tube and tin and reduce tin oxide. (The heating tube can reach 400-600°C during the heating process), new addition: automatic tin strip function, optional automatic tin dust scraping device or wind knife with cover.

4. Take-up Unit: the left and right shafts of the shaft row are used to automatically change the disk.


1. During the bobbin changing process, the A and B take-up shafts are independently controlled and run. During the reel changing process, the A axis is working, and the B axis is on standby at the starting winding point. The A axis does not need to return to the starting winding point, which greatly reduces the waste when changing the disk The length of the wire head ensures that the meter and gram weight of each axis of welding ribbon are consistent. The B-axis work is the same as the A-axis work, which can save about 3000-4000 yuan/year of waste welding strips.

2. Compared with the automatic disc changer of the turntable structure, the shaft row take-up is better compatible with round wires, flat wires, and segmented round wires. It is easy to cause a sickle bend of the flat wire when the wire row is taken up.

Company Profile

As a manufacturer of innovative high-tech photovoltaic ribbon equipment, Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. designs and customizes the CRM-2023 series of high-precision photovoltaic ribbon tin coating intelligent all-in-one machine. This series has the characteristics of high precision and high operation. We use state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic ribbon technology to ensure minimum downtime and maximum output. The system is based on our standard range of CRM brands, adapted to customer requirements and designed according to their respective application requirements.

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About Company

Founded in 2016, Sky Bluer Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. manufactures a variety shapes of industrial wire rolling lines, universal rolling mills, cold rolling cassettes, wire drawing machine,PV Ribbon with Tin coating lines,and precision rolls. As a replacement for cold rolling mills originating in Europe, America, and Japan, the company conducts independent research and development on rolling lines for spring steel square wire, flat wire, spring wire, shaped steel wire, wedge profile wire, and so forth. With the combination of modern technology and self-made rolling and drawing, the cost of grooving and the production of shaped wires can be greatly reduced. the rolled products are highly polished, with a straightness of up to 0.5mm/m, a thickness tolerance of less than 0.005mm, and a width tolerance less than 0.005mm.

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