With the increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry, merchants pay more and more attention to the quality and effect of product display, including using various display racks, shelves, display cabinets and other devices to attract consumers’ attention.
1. Promote product sales: A well-designed product display can attract consumers’ attention and make them interested. Demonstrate the unique functions and characteristics of the product, so that consumers know the value and advantages of the product, thereby increasing the possibility of purchase.
2. Improve brand image: A good product display can not only show the features and functions of the product, but also enhance the brand image. Creating a smart and inviting environment in a display area, with appropriate graphics and text, can reinforce the brand’s philosophy.
3. Attractive Display: An attractive display can attract a large number of customers and prompt them to stay longer in your store. In the product display, some new display methods and images are included, which can increase the purchasing power of consumers.
4. Customer interaction: Another benefit of product display is the opportunity for customer interaction. Some products can be displayed to attract consumers’ attention and provide interactive experiences, such as trial samples, interactive displays, etc., which can arouse customers’ interest and improve promotional effects.

Among the most popular display devices are store shelf, store display fixtures, clip strips, trolley merchandising displays and so on. In order to facilitate customers to select and purchase, store shelves are widely used in household appliances, cosmetics, food, daily necessities and other commodities. Or according to the product type, size, brand, etc., it can also be displayed differently. The solid wood display rack, steel display rack, plastic display rack, etc. can be displayed according to the product type, size, brand, etc. Clip strips can be used for small merchandise series, it is a hanging device that extends from the display shelf. It can maximize the use of space and attract consumers’ attention. Trolley merchandising displays are display stands made of shopping carts, designed to attract a large number of consumers. This device is different from other display devices. As a relatively new display method, it can display various commodities in the corridors of shopping malls or supermarkets, thus ending the traditional display method and attracting more consumers.
In short, in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry, the innovation and diversification of display methods has become the core for merchants to seek competitive advantages. The large-scale application of various display devices will provide more display options for merchants in the future. And flexibility, increase product sales, and gain a greater competitive advantage.

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