The demand for high-quality, intelligent, personalized, and environmentally-friendly bathroom products continues to increase among consumers.

From the perspective of the first-level bathroom accessories in the refined decoration market, the number of ordinary toilet seats supporting projects in the first quarter of 2023 is 317, and the supporting scale is 202,000 sets; Shower, wash basin and bathroom cabinet supporting scale are about 220,000 sets.

Overall, the standard bathroom products were almost fully equipped. The number of shower screen supporting projects is 255, and the supporting scale is 169,000 sets;The number of supporting projects of Bath Ba is 254, and the supporting scale is 172,000 sets; Bath bar, shower screen comfortable bathroom parts allocation rate are also more than 70%, tending to standard;
The number of smart toilet supporting projects is 125, the supporting scale is 85,000 sets, and the supporting rate reaches 38.3%, of which the all-in-one machine accounts for more than 60%, and the allocation rate is +6% compared with last year. The competitive situation between smart toilet cover and smart toilet all-in-one machine changes with the changes in the refined decoration market. When smart toilets were first popular, smart toilet integrated machines were often more popular due to their richer functions and more beautiful designs. However, due to the economic downturn in the refined housing market last year, the configuration rate of smart toilet covers caught up with that of smart toilet all-in-one machine. The market share of the two products was almost equal.

In 2023, with the gradual recovery of the refined decoration market, consumers’ demand for intelligent bathroom upgrade products is also increasing, and the supporting rate of smart toilet all-in-one machine in the refined decoration market is also gradually increasing.

In addition to smart technology, consumers are also seeking products that reflect their individual style and taste. Custom color schemes, unique textures, and personalized design elements are in high demand, as consumers look for ways to express their creativity and personality in their bathrooms.

Furthermore, eco-friendly design is a key factor in bathroom product choices, as consumers prioritize energy and water-saving options that reduce their environmental impact. touchless faucets includes the use of low-flow toilets and showerheads, water-saving faucets, and sustainable materials such as bamboo and recycled materials.

As the demand for high-quality and sustainable bathroom products grows, businesses in the bathroom industry are actively innovating to meet these demands. The industry is expected to continue expanding and shape the future of bathroom design for years to come.

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